What is the best way to increase phone sales?

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A good salesperson will be able to sell their product and leave their customer feeling good about the interaction. Face-to-face salespeople have the advantage of being able to read and use body-language and facial expressions, but what about phone sales, are there techniques you can use to increase phone sales? The answer: Yes, definitely.

The simple techniques listed below will help you increase phone sales dramatically, leave your clients more satisfied, and help salespeople get more enjoyment out of their jobs.

The most important thing a good salesperson does is establish a positive relationship quickly. On the phone this is accomplished by having a smile and using the clients name early in the conversation. Smiling makes your voice sound upbeat and positive, people can hear the difference. A client is unlikely to buy from a grumpy or unenthusiastic salesperson so make sure you are smiling and sound genuinely happy to be speaking with every client you call. Using the clients name conversationally will make them more comfortable and make you seem more like a friend. Use their name casually, don't over do it or you will sound fake.

People like to buy from people like themselves. Finding some point of agreement, regardless of how small, will help the client trust you - because you are just like them. This means you can increase your phone sales by finding some commonality with each client you call. Perhaps you have visited their state or you have a cousin who lives in a town nearby. Stress any common ground you find and avoid discussing your differences. If you disagree with a client about their religious or political views don't mention it, just change the subject and move on. However a word of caution, this also means you do not want to lie to establish rapport. If a client discovers you lied, even about something simple, you will lose all credibility and will be unlikely to close any deal.

Many salespeople make the mistake of "feature selling." They tell clients how wonderful their product, they discuss all it's features in detail and give examples of how much better life will be if they buy it, then the salesperson will walk away confused when the customer says he isn't interested. Before you discuss the benefits and features of your product your client to recognize that they have a need your product can fill.

You may be selling solid gold bars 3 for a nickle, but if your client doesn't have a need for them they won't buy any. You can increase sales by asking open-ended questions and using directed questioning techniques to lead the customer to discover what they are missing. Open-ended questions are a salesperson's best friend. They cause clients to open-up and help salespeople gather more information which can be used later.

You may recognize a need immediately, but that doesn't mean your client does. Rather than telling the client about the need, you can increase sales by getting the client to voice the need themselves. Psychologically it's much more powerful when the client says they need your product. People want to buy, but they don't want to be sold, getting the client to voice their need will make the entire sale seem like their idea. Uncovering a need also allows you to focus on the specific benefits and features that are important to your client when you present your product as a solution to their problem. This is much more effective than just throwing out features and hoping one or two of them are important to your client.

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