how do I make a cold call list?

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When thinking about expanding your market, it's hard to figure out just how to find a consistent base of clients. Most people, unfortunately, opt for the easy route and decide to purchase this information. However, by developing your own cold call list, the odds of landing a sale, meeting or valuable contact increases tenfold. Use the following points to help you develop a cold call list of businesses that want to buy from you.

Gather Information from Valuable Resources

Find several venues where your ideal client is already spending time or money. For example, various online business directories, networking functions or the Yellow Pages are all prime real estate for scouring information. If you're targeting the B2B market, gathering information from the Yellow Pages, or any directory that charges a fee, is ideal. This is because they've already displayed the ability and desire to invest in their business. Therefore, they'll likely be receptive to a similar service you may offer.

However, focusing on just one source may actually hinder your success. You aren't the first marketer to use this strategy; the more obscure the source, the better. Expand your research to online entrepreneurship communities, clubs and networks. Networking on a consistent basis will help you create a “warm call” list of individuals that you have already given you a signal of interest.

Comb through the raw information you've received after grinding through your sources, grooming through the unusable prospects. It is better to have a targeted list of 100 prospects than a list of 500 that aren't a good match for your business. Remember to target your ideal market, rather than any market. In an Excel spreadsheet, Rank your prospects from most likely to buy to least likely. Then, remember to create a section for 'maybes' or 'N/A' when you reach an answering machine. This section will be reserved for callbacks. When they've already heard from you, they're transformed from cold calls into warm calls. Warm calls are almost always more likely to result in a sale, or at the very least, a meeting.

Going the Extra Mile

Make every prospect feel like they are your only prospect. Reading up on a company before making the call or remembering small details from in-person or online interactions can go a long way. Forgetting a person's name or what their business specializes in can be a deal breaker. Making a prospect feel like just another name on your list will quickly run you out of business. Focus on forming connections and growing those connections into relationships, rather than targeting the most prospects possible. If a prospect isn't potentially your ideal client, or someone you can provide value to, erase the name from your list.

Cold calling is a nerve-wracking experience even for seasoned professionals. Employ the tips above, in conjunction with your existing persuasive marketing skills, in order to help you create a cold call list that'll increase your conversion rates and sales. As a final tip, refrain from purchasing a cold call list - they rarely provide value.

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