How can customer service and rapport impact my marketability?

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The Importance of Being Client-Focused

Customer service and rapport is required in every business that offers a product or service to the general public. Without successfully engaging the customer and building trust it becomes impossible to open channels for goods and services to be passed along. However once it is established it begins to open opportunities to continue business. Reaching current customers is a simple and free way to ensure continued business, "being kind costs us absolutely nothing" and the result can open infinite doors for your business.

Good will not suffice in today's economy, you have to be the best and that requires finding ways to stand out. Being memorable is the first step in creating a relationship with a client. An emotional connection to your service will have people coming back. Every person that comes in contact with your business does not have to have a light show to be impressed — usually it only takes a smile. Today the majority of clients want to feel heard and understood in relation to how your product or service will enrich their life.

For example when greeted with a smile and friendly hand shake a person can become a client, as long as it always done with genuine intention. Notice something of your client as well to be genuinely interested in, not only is this great relationship building it acknowledges the person and opens new channels of communication. Also do your best to remember the conversation for later interactions, people always feel a stronger connection to someone who knows something about them (Carnegie 2014). Be interested in their lives and you will find new ways for your product to serve them. What you have developed is called rapport, or mutual trust with your client based on past knowledge.

What do you do after rapport is created with your customer? Many times companies can lack persistence to ensure customers keep coming back. Once a person is excited about the product and service you have provided, it becomes up to you to give them a reason to continue talking to their friends and family. Even though someone enjoys the banking service your provide for them, it is rarely a topic at their friend's dinner party. To continue business you have to give them a reason to invite others to take in your service or product as well.

Client service can manifest through marketing campaigns. We can use the trust built through excellent customer service to have an indirect marketing events. Indirect Marketing is a way of marketing that is based on handing information to current clients to pass onto prospective clients(Suttle). Examples of these are discount or cash promotions. What promotions do is two fold, one it excites your current client with a reward and second it drives new business in to discover what all the excitement is about.

Now that the current client has a reason to bring in their family or friend the business can start to find new growth. Nurturing that bond will expand company growth. Customer rapport is the root of bringing and keeping current customers. Regardless of how beneficial a product might be, without the human touch of customer service and rapport no company can succeed.

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