How To Write Better Email Subject Lines

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The Only Guide You Need To Master Email Subject Lines For B2B SDR’s and Sales Teams

Email subject lines are a big deal. They are your one and only chance to get people opening your email. So you really have to come out fighting.

While I’m not suggesting your subject heading needs to be aggressive, it is proven that people are motivated by fear. From a sales perspective this translates to fear of missing out. Your subject line has to entice people into reading the body of copy waiting for them inside.

Crafting the perfect subject line is an art in itself and it takes a combination of factors to appeal to people, who are used being bombarded with numerous sales emails on a daily basis.

Take a look below to get a better understanding of how the best subject lines are created.

Make It Relevant

This is going to be one of the first things you need to address when crafting your subject line. We’re all busy, anyone in the corporate world has trained themselves to weed out unnecessary emails just keep their head above water.

If you’re not sending an email to someone by name, their company, referencing their products, interests or something they care for, you’ve lost them before you’ve even begun. We all by nature, attend to our most important emails first. Think boss, clients, coworkers, loved ones. I don’t see a sales team in that hierarchy?

Think of your subject line as a new personal relationship. You have to view every address on that email list as an individual even if you are sending out these emails in bulk numbers.

Give Them A Reason To Smile

Does your email promise some light relief from the daily stresses, are you referencing a shared experience in a humorous way? Play on psychology a little and add in an emotionally charged word or throw a twist on increases and use a juxtaposition rather than a percentage sign. Talk of current events or tell the reader something unexpected - turn what could be another carbon copy pitch into a surprise.

It’s Urgent

This is something only to consider if you have already established at least a small connection with your prospects. Ask yourself, is the message a game changer? Adding a day, time or date to the subject line always works a treat in this case.

Keep It Clear

An email subject line should be easy to understand.. Given that we all have some form of content ADD, keep your subject line short for a higher open rate. In line with this word choice is vital here. Smaller words are more effective than jargon or fancier words. For example, “productivity” can be replaced with “ability”. With a bit of practice small changes like this can make a big difference.

Another point connected to this is if you promise people something specific like 7 SEO techniques to double your traffic don’t fall short on the delivery, if you can’t offer that many tips do less. The same can be said for the body of your email. Don’t be shy, don’t apologize or thank them for reading, give them something they’re more than happy to read instead, wimps don’t make sales!

All The Tools You Need

• Personalization — this goes back to “relevant” section we mentioned earlier. Yes, this email is for you, you are the chosen one! (Or one of a hundred or so, anyway).

The good folks over at MailChimp did a study based on 24 billion sent emails and when they looked at the results that included personalization they found an increase in open rates. Specifically they found that emails that included first and last name were opened almost three times more than emails that only included a first name. While the use of last name like, Mr Smith was nearly double that at around 0.17%.

When you’re looking to write a successful subject line, think of the studious girl that sat at the front of your college lectures, never missed a class and always knew what she wanted to be before she’d entered high school. Today, she’s still successful, busy and likes to stay organized - write for her.

If you’re not writing for one specific type of client then at the very least you want to include “you” or yours along with a first name or company in the subject line to keep it personal.

• Call-to-Action — Words like register, find and join and other call-to-action words help the recipient understand what is expected of them which is one of the hurdles you need to get over with your email subject line. These type of subject lines are worded as an order, a command if you like that hopefully the person will act on.

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