How do I separate myself from the pack in order to grow my B2B sales?

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When a sales professional asks the question “How do I grow my B2B sales?”, it usually means they are deficient in one of the key elements of the sales cycle. Determining which these key areas you are not excelling in will set you on the right path to becoming more successful. There are five key areas in the sales cycle: Prospecting, Qualifying, Educating, Closing, and Maintaining.

Prospecting is the foundation for any sales professional. This is an area where hard work has no substitute. The more people you contact, the more people you will sell. It’s that simple. However, being efficient with time is also an important attribute of any great salesperson. If you are calling the wrong people, no results will ensue. It is up to the salesperson to be in constant contact with the management of his/her company to make sure they are pointed in the right direction. When you are making initial contact with a prospective client, now is not the time to be selling. This is the time you must be qualifying.

Qualifying should start as soon as you make initial contact with a prospective buyer. Once you establish that they are buying the product you are selling they are officially a qualified prospect and a list of these clients should be consistently updated and pursued. What you are trying to accomplish now is to get in front of that person. Many sales professionals make a huge mistake here. When given an opportunity to have an in person meeting with a buyer, many sales professionals immediately beginning trying to sell their product. You have qualified them as a potential buyer, but they have not yet qualified you as a potential vendor. The goal of any first meeting is to get the buyer to agree that you are qualified to handle their account. In order to accomplish this goal, you must educate the buyer.

Educating the buyer can be done in a variety of ways. Every salesperson has his/her own style for achieving this goal. You can use a formal presentation approach in the appropriate environment, but the most common style is the ability to lead a conversation by using the correct questions in order to put yourself into a position where you can discuss your services. You should be focusing on areas that the buyer is both happy and unhappy with his current supplier. Once you have a good grasp of the customers needs it is time to ask for a follow-up meeting to start closing the account.

Closing an account is not complicated if you follow the correct steps that lead up to the close. When you make your presentation to the client focusing on all of the key areas you discovered in the qualifying and educating process asking for the business should be a very natural next step. A typical final question to ask a buyer for the close would look something like, “Would you agree that we have addressed all of your areas of concern regarding this product?” If the buyer says yes to that question, all that you have to do is ask for the business, and yes, it is very important to ask for the business. Now all you have to do is maintain the account.

Maintaining an account is as simple as doing all of the things that you said you were going to do for the client. It is also very important to maintain a dialogue with your client to be abreast of any changes to their needs.

By following this simple process and identifying areas that you are deficient in during the sales cycle, you will no longer be asking yourself the question “How do I Grow my B2B sales.” Not only will you be increasing your B2B sales, you will be using your time more efficiently. Be persistent and more importantly, stay focused.

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